What freelance jobs are available for me?

  • Jedida
  • September 15, 2021
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Evaluating the freelance jobs available for you may be difficult. Most people only focus on their expertise and it proves impossible to diversify. How can you access further alternatives? As a Kenyan freelancer, what jobs are available for you? We cannot cover all the alternatives, but here are several options.


Blogging has not always been a popular option in Kenya. However, we have seen a significant expansion in this area, especially with personal and sponsored content. So, if you think you have something to share in writing, videos, or photos, this alternative may be the way to go. You could cover areas like cooking, fashion, education, or anything you feel remains relevant in the current world.

Academic Researcher

People are aware of online academic research and article writing. These options are readily available for Kenyan writers, targeting clients abroad. Be bold with such pursuits, and embrace the potential opportunities for expansion or improvement. You could also target local customers with your writing and research skills.

Social Media Manager

Another freelance job available for you is social media management. Local and international brands are constantly looking for people to manage their online activity. If you have experience in these areas or a contemporary marketing certificate, this job could be the next direction for you.


Who does not like a good photo? In the age of social media, a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Photography presents an option to make money while remaining fun and adventurous. You can also take it up as a part-time or full-time venture.

Programmer/ Graphic Designer

Freelancing opportunities available in Kenya also include technical roles. Many businesses want to create content but they lack adequate designer abilities. Graphic designers with these backgrounds can implement the functions in a consultative capacity. On the other hand, programmers have the option of delivering multiple customized products to businesses or personal users. The demand for specialized apps and sites is escalating, and it could be time to ride this wave.

Fitness Trainer

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted opportunities for freelance fitness trainers. The option includes setting up zoom sessions to engage your clients or physically visiting them in their homes. Reach out to established trainers for links. Also, marketing your skills on social media is crucial to your success.

Online Trader

If there is one thing Kenyans love, it is shopping online. Thrift shopping has particularly gained popularity. Setting up an established site allows you to manage client communications, purchases, and deliveries. Therefore, consider what you sell best or the greatest demand in your immediate area. Pursuing an elaborate online strategy, including a website, social media platforms, and ads could inherently determine your success.

These options are only some of the available choices you have as a Kenyan freelancer. Visit this post for more in the future, and the possibilities of identifying those that could be gainful for you.

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