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Most frequent questions and answers on Freelance Soko

Freelance Soko is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of freelance services in Kenya.   

Our mission is to create an ecosystem that fosters trust  for all parties concerned.

Register or Sign in to get access to your dashboard.

Each account can be operated either in “Employer” or “Freelancer” mode.

In Employer mode, you can buy services and hire freelancers to help with your projects. 

In Freelancer mode you can work on available projects and sell your services.

To toggle between the two modes, click on your name on the top navigation within the dashboard.

Your current mode is displayed under your name. 


Register or sign in to your dashboard. Confirm your account is in “Employer” mode. Under “Projects” click on the “Create Project” to get access to the order form.

Fill in your project details and submit to receive proposals from freelancers.

Once you have created your project, you can wait for proposals from freelancers before hiring.

You can also use search tool on the homepage or “Freelancer Search” to find qualified experts. Send invites to the experts to bid on your project by clicking on the “Hire Now” button on freelancers’ profile.

Invited freelancers will submit their proposals for your consideration.

Use the search tool on the homepage or “Services Search” to find services and service providers that you need.

You can buy the listed service, as is, or chat with the seller to get a custom service. 

Access into the Freelance Soko dashboard allows you to work either as an employer or a freelancer. 

Through the dashboard you can manage projects, services, communications, payments and so much more.


Yes. At Freelance Soko we take your privacy seriously. You control all information that you provide on Freelance Soko. 

No. When you hire a freelancer or buy a service, the money is held in escrow by the company until the order is completed and you approve payment release to freelancer. In addition, there are dispute resolution mechanisms in place to address problems that might arise.

Freelance Soko offers you convenience and security of hiring and buying freelance services in Kenya. 

Freelance Soko offers you buyer protection, free revisions and 14-day money back guarantee. 

Click on the “Edit Profile” option under profile to set up and configure your employer and freelancer profiles.

Your freelancer and employer profiles are separate. While your employer profile does not need editing to serve its purpose, it is necessary that your freelancer profile is configured correctly, and completely to attract potential employers.

Becoming a freelancer on Freelance Soko is free and easy.

Register or sign in to your dashboard. Confirm your status under your name is “Freelancer”.

Click on “Profile” in the navigation menu, on the left. Click on “Edit Profile” to fill in your profile and provide information on your competencies. 

You can now bid on available projects and sell services.

Register or sign in to your dashboard. Confirm your current status is “Freelancer”.

Under “Manage Services” click on “Add Service” to get access to the “Add new service” form. Fill in details about your service, providing sufficient information for potential buyers. 

Include FAQs that answer basic questions about your service including any offers.

Services can be bought, as is, thus be careful with details and offers you make within the service.

Freelance Soko offers security and convenience of working remotely in Kenya.

Freelance Soko ensures that you get paid for your hard work. Clients pay upfront before hiring and buying services. 

In addition, Freelance Soko offers a marketplace with buyers for your services and skills, making it possible to earn and grow your personal brand.


Freelance Soko clients are Kenyans looking for remote freelance services and freelance service providers.

Use the search tool on the home page to make any search queries regarding your freelancer.

You can also make search queries on the “Freelancer Search” page.

Use keywords (e.g academic writer) and toggle fields to find what you need.

Use the search tool on the home page to make any search queries regarding your service.

You can also make search queries on the “Service Search” page.

Use keywords (e.g logo design) and toggle fields to find what you need.

No. Once you hire a freelancer or buy services, payments you make are held in escrow by Freelance Soko. Money will only be released to the freelancer/ service provider once the project has been marked as completed or you approve payment. 

Employer packages open more opportunities and access to 

Freelancer levels on Freelance Soko reflect the level of expertise and number of orders completed by a freelancer. The levels are Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Top Expert.

You can review and rate the freelancers’ performance once order is completed and payment approved.

Freelance Soko has a zero plagiarism policy. Any instances of plagiarism can lead but not limited to account termination.

Freelance Soko supports all the major payment services in Kenya including LIPA NA MPESA, Visa and Mastercard

From within your dashboard, click on the payments option and add funds using your preferred payment method.

Once your order is completed, you have 3 days to request revisions or approve the project, before it is automatically approved.