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case study

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he note MUST satisfy the following requirements: 

1. Write an abstract that briefly describes your case study.

2. Introduce your case study item(s).

3. Define problem(s) considered in your assigned case study item(s)?

4. Do literature review, and present some related challenges and solutions to your case 

study item(s). Provide some related works that proposed any 

popular/advanced/latest methods or techniques that could effectively tackle the 

defined problem(s).

5. Present any research ideas you may have related to your case study item(s).

6. (Optional) Provide a concrete example (with detailed calculations or simulations) to 

illustrate the materials in your assigned case study item(s).

7. Provide a proper conclusion.

the case study report should be 1000 words

Skills Required

Technical Writing


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Looking forward to help. I can complete within 24hrs for 1300/=

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