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Engineering assignment, Battery powered home heating, 3 pages

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Battery powered home heating

Heat pumps are e low carbon approach space heating, but they use electricity, which is much more expensive than gas per kwh One solution is to use cheap electricity at night store it in a battery (such as e Tesla Powerwall) and use this to run the heat pump when the heat needed. This project examines the cost effectiveness of this strategy as the prices of batteries and heat pumps falls.


In this section the submission requirements will be discussed. The weighting for each component is clearly presented in section. It should not be much than 3 to 4 pages


After some initial contact with the project supervisor, the student will prepare a document called "Project Specification". This document will set the scope and an initial schedule for your project, which will help you greatly throughout the course of the project period. The aim of the specification is to have a clear, succinct overview of the project with aims and objectives together with work package breakdown. This will help you to structure/plan your work and keep an eye on progress over the period. Consequently, below is a suggested structure that could be followed:

The title of your project

Candidate name

Introduction a brief description of your project to explain what your project is about.

The aim of your project

The objectives of your project (to reach the aim)

Deliverables - a brief description of the anticipated outcomes from undertaking this project.

Work package breakdown.

A Gantt chart showing the planned timeline and milestones/deliverables as appropriate.

As for the Gantt chart dates, the starting date is 1/11/2021 to 17/12/2021

Requirements: please follow the Rubric file   |   .doc file

You may add photos and graphics in the paper to make it more presentable 


I have attached the instructions, rubric, and sample of the gant chart. Must use excel. 


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