Navigating the Challenges of Freelancing while Employed

Navigating the Challenges of Freelancing while Employed
  • Jedida
  • October 14, 2021
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In previous discussions, we have explored the challenges that accompany the freelancer who is also employed. But do these issues have solutions? How can you possibly negotiate these dual roles?

Adopt Freelancing Activities that You Enjoy

Perhaps one of the most critical requirements is that you focus on making your freelancing options enjoyable. Think about it, your employment is already probably stressful enough. If you must find the energy to do your other gig, it should be fun, at the very least. Therefore, try and make sure that your choice of freelancing activity is enjoyable, even when your primary interest is making more money.

Establish Non-Engaging Gigs

If you can avoid it, select freelancing activities that demand the least attention. The approach will reduce the demand for your time, allowing sufficient focus on your day job. Notably, freelancing services are often highly engaging. Getting an ideal option under this criterion may prove impossible.

Hire Others

Just because it is your freelancing gig does not mean you should not hire your own employees. If you have, say, a freelancing photography venture, buy multiple cameras and common production resources. These aspects will ensure that you can book clients, deliver services, and make an income without having to lose your employment.

Freelance and Stay Employed While Young

Ultimately, conducting both roles is hectic. It can be exhausting as you get older. Therefore, try and do both when you are younger, preferably in your 20s. As you near the mid-thirties, it may be time to decide if your freelancing venture is more important than your day job.

Set Targets

Goals! Goals! Goals! This indication will be the pinnacle of any recommendations we offer. Set clear targets for what you want to achieve at work and in your freelancing venture. These aspects will create a balance, minimizing the over-allocation of resources in any direction. Hopefully, the strategy will ensure you thrive on both fronts.

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