Identify Legit Online Writing Jobs in Kenya

How to Identify legit online writing jobs in Kenya
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Getting legit online writing jobs may be a challenging task. At a time of rapid digitalization, the shift to online work has been pervasive. However, how can you identify who is legit or not? Here is a list of the distinctions you can readily identify.

No Pre-Payments

Legit online writing jobs are the same as physical job searches. Anyone who requires you to pay before you can begin working is most likely a con. Therefore, avoid employers who ask you for money before they can employ or pay you. Unless there is a legitimate need for this action, such as a purchase, do not submit your cash, regardless of how small.

No Submission of Unnecessary Personal Details

Do not share your personal details beyond what is necessary. Nobody needs details of your identification number and banking account passwords or links. Scam artists have infiltrated the industry, do not be duped into becoming their next victim.

A Legit Online Writing Job List

If you are writing for a website, look at their available orders. The records of completed orders or leading writers on the platform may not always be accurate. Therefore, if you have access to the accounts through someone else, review the amount of work they typically have and their compensation patterns. We will reflect on this issue in a different publication.

An Legit Online Writing Trail

If you are looking for a job online for the first time, go for established employers. These people will have a constant presence online. You can readily see their social media mentions, or they have websites. You may also wish to join online writing communities on Facebook and Twitter for reviews.

Overall, be wise and cautious. Digital platforms are never guaranteed, but they can also be full of opportunities if you approach them the right way.

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