Client Blues- Testimonies of Poor Customer Feedback: 1

Client Blues- Testimonies of Poor Customer Feedback: 1
  • Jedida
  • October 7, 2021
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As a freelancer, one of the most crucial sources of motivation is customer feedback. Most times, the client will usually express satisfaction if you are good at your work. But what about the days when their verdict is not as pleasing?

In this first account, we focus on academic writers. Our future editions will include photographers, digital marketers, event planners, and transcribers. These tales are sad, but, in sharing them, we hope we can laugh together.


When Emanuel submitted that task on Human Resource Management, he felt content he had done his best. Only for two days later, a revision to arrive. Before he even looked at the instructions, it had been moved from revision to “dispute!” Inevitably, a writer’s greatest nightmare. It was then that he had the chance to look at the details.

“I don’t know what kind of writers your company has!” it read. “He writes like he’s come right from the bush! What is the point of paying so much money if you will deliver content that I could have with my eyes closed?” And the absolute worst part, “I demand a full refund for this job and reassignment to another writer!”


The job was a review of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Admittedly, she had never watched the film before, so she did what every writer does. She read the summarized version on Wikipedia, explored some reviews, and got to work. Only this plan did not go so well. “Did you get a random person without work to complete my assignment? They clearly have never watched this film nor understand the requirements of a movie review! Who is Bilbo Higgins? This must be some sick joke; I need a complete rewrite.”


Ok, this one just read: “No! Just, No!”

These events are often the first ones in a series of occasional negative feedback to their work. Good writers will only suffer this severe fate once in a long while, often happening during the low seasons when tasks are particularly odious. However, they are still quite disruptive to workflow and self-belief. The writers will often suffer doubts in their ability to deliver quality content, taking quite some time to recover.

Truly, most times it will not be as severe as it looks. My advice; embrace it. Absorb the pain and the failure. Use it to make yourself better. If the opportunity presents, also take a break. Most importantly, do not give up. It is a part of this life that you have chosen, to carry the good and the bad. As long as you recall all the other quality stuff you have delivered, you will find it in you to keep going.

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