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  • November 4, 2021

Analysis of the Evolution of the Positioning of a Brand

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Please use BRITISH ENGLISH, The assessment is going to be done according to the UK market.

Brand name: TESCO

A. Formative assessment

The formative assessment for this module takes the form of an individual report. You will be asked to conduct an analysis of the evolution of the positioning of a brand. This can be a UK brand or from any other country. Who is the target market of the brand? Who is the key competition? What are the points of parity and the points of difference of the brand against key competition? How have these elements changed over time? You will need to include your analysis in a report of maximum 500 words.
The formative assessment represents a unique opportunity to test your understanding of, and ability to correctly and creatively apply, concepts that are part of your summative assessment (e.g., brand positioning).

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