Top Transcription Companies For Kenyan Freelancers

  • Jedida
  • September 20, 2021
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Making money through transcription may hinge on accessing the top transcription companies. Let us delve into the options you have as a Kenyan writer and their implications for your financial welfare.


This is one of the most efficient sites for transcribers. On this platform, payment is twice weekly. You can withdraw as regularly as you wish through Paypal. Their rates vary, predicting the amount of money you make based on the number of tasks that you can handle. Notably, these services pay between $0.25 and $2.5 per minute of content. The level and complexity inherently predict how much you make, eventually.

Transcribe Me

This platform requires zero experience in transcription before you apply for your first job. This company offers the best industry rates, ranging from $15-$25 per hour of spoken content. This site is especially favorable when you need quick and fast cash, allowing consecutive transcriptions of short clips (less than five minutes).


This site is much like the previously reviewed ones. The platform’s compensation ranges from $0.85 and $1.5 per minute of audio or video. Payment is every Friday. Notably, the variations in compensation depend on the perceived grade of the transcript. Some content is rejected (Grade 4 or lower), while Grade 5 is standard. Higher levels could be paid 1.7 times more, which means that delivering quality work to enhance your badges could promise better pay.

Go Transcript

This platform offers a range of opportunities to deliver quality transcription jobs for compensation rivaling the rest of the industry. The average rates of payment are about $0.60, occurring weekly via Paypal. However, this organization pays a bit less than the others. While Transcribe Me and Speechpad potentially reach $250 monthly on average, this venture’s range is only about $150. However, their application and registration restrictions are fewer, which eases access to their jobs.


This venture was initially called CallGraph. The business provides compensation at varying hourly rates. The average compensation is $10 per hour, with opportunities for review when you work on components more than three hours long. However, even the hard tasks conventionally pay at this rate.

The thing is, transcription is not a simple or very satisfying task. The organizations pay what they can afford, often very little for hours of work. See our next blog, the gains and limitations of transcription, for further evaluations of this area.

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