Is freelancing in Kenya an alternative to regular employment?

Freelancing as an alternative to regular employment
  • Jedida
  • September 8, 2021
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Freelancing in Kenya is fast escalating as an alternative to employment. However, is it a sufficiently stable model for income generation and growth? Perhaps rethinking this activity can give us some answers.

The Pros of Freelancing as an Alternative

There is a lot to gain from whichever freelance venture you pursue. Primarily, you gain more control over your income and access to all profits. As an independent contractor, you no longer have to wait for the compensation decisions of your employer. Besides, you can select jobs that adequately meet your income expectations. Kenya’s sectors are also fast embracing freelancing. People no longer depend on that photography business or that formal company that provides software development services. You have the opportunity to embrace this sentiment transformation and thrive on the emerging opportunities. If you are in an organization providing services you feel you could single-handedly provide, then go for it. This is the time for you.

The Challenges

Undoubtedly, this pursuit will have some significant limitations. While the Kenyan market is rapidly embracing freelancers, people are still uncertain regarding the conduct of this sector. Thus, anticipate challenges like difficulties getting clients to pay fair rates. It may also be hard to convince them that they can pay in advance and receive service assurances. Besides, getting jobs may be initially difficult, especially before you build a sufficient client base.

Therefore, we believe that freelancing in Kenya is a viable alternative to employment but with some startup limitations. This awareness may build your resilience in the face of any presenting challenges.

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