Are Freelance Jobs in Kenya Safe?

Are Freelance Jobs in Kenya Safe?
  • Jedida
  • September 6, 2021
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Freelance jobs in Kenya are only now gaining popularity. You may be exercising caution because you wonder if they are safe. Will they waste your time and leave you broker than when you began? Have no worries because this is where you find your answers.

No Unanimous Answer

While it would be easier to give a unanimous “yes”, this approach would be inaccurate. Freelance jobs in Kenya are only as safe as the people working them. Therefore, you need to scan the details of each pursuit before engaging in service provision.

Escrow for Freelance Jobs in Kenya

If you are a freelancer, exploit escrow accounts. These options include service providers who hold money for the transactions, allowing compensation after you submit the task and the client affirms its quality. These accounts ensure that the client readily pays the said account and you have no doubt about getting paid after completion. NB: Use known escrow accounts, not a person that the client/ freelancer claims can offer the service. Some of these options are usually part of long and extensive networks of cons.

Networking while Freelancing

Freelance jobs are safe if you build and exploit networks. Find social media platforms and accounts with common service providers. For instance, if you are a photographer, explore groups on Facebook, Twitter, or even Telegram with fellow providers. The strategy will keep you aware of emerging trends and potentially problematic clients.

Government Sites for Freelance Jobs in Kenya

Freelancing in Kenya is gradually gaining government traction. Therefore, seek opportunities and tasks on these platforms. Tasks on these sites will have more oversight, which also reduces the chances of unsafe activities.

Constant Feedback

One of the most important aspects of any practice is feedback. Hence, embrace customer and other service provider feedback to remain within safe or permissible areas. This approach means that you avoid tasks or clients who have a history of issues with other freelancers.

Hence, freelance jobs in Kenya are safe. However, their safety is subject to your rigor.

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