APA Seventh Edition- What’s New?

APA seventh edition what's new?
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Your account has just officially shifted to APA Seventh Edition. You really want to understand it because professionalism is your priority. However, reading through the OWL page is not something you want to do. Calm down because I am here for you.

The Cover Page

The APA Seventh Edition cover page has changed slightly. No longer are you required to put the “RUNNING HEAD” on your first page. Besides, you must now have your title in bold, preceding the name, institution, course, instructor, and date.

The First Page

APA 7 requires that you still maintain the title on the first page of your work before the introduction. However, it must also be in bold. As in APA 6, the current version still requires that you leave out the word “introduction” in essays.

In-Text Citations in APA Seven

Unlike APA 6, this new version requires the use of “et al.” for all citations with more than three authors. Notably, the previous form included the list of authors and the use of this contraction for the subsequent instances. However, now you have to use the approach in all your citations, similar to Harvard.

Conclusion in the APA Seventh Edition

The title “conclusion” must be in bold and centered. The details of the section have not changed. Choose to present a thesis restatement, summary, and possibly the implications of your findings.


APA Seventh edition has some slight changes to your reference list. Notably, you must list all your author names, as long as they are less than 20. This point is important as it shifts from APA 6, which required ellipses for more than seven authors. Preferably, include a doi. with your journal articles for easy accessibility.

There you go. Now you are ready to confront your APA Seventh Edition paper.

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